Hometown: Fayetteville, NC

Genre: Rock

Motorjunkie leads the charge in the North Carolina hard rock music scene after nearly a decade and a half of creating and performing some of the best known and received heavy music in the region. Stout, resolute, and determined, this band strives to give its fans and listeners an exciting alternative to the status quo.

Born out of the southern biker scene, Motorjunkie was well received by fellow motorcycle enthusiasts and military members as a fresh and new alternative to the dated blues environs.  Drawing on influences ranging from Metallica to Alice in Chains and Led Zeppelin, their music style was bold, exiting, and provocative.  They quickly established themselves as a force majeure after winning a local rock radio station battle of the bands and subsequently released their self-titled debut album.  In 2002, Singles “Stumble” and “10 Years” received regular airplay on local radio while tracks such as “The Wagon” and “My Rig” became anthems and favorites during the band’s live set.

Following an 18 month hiatus due to military deployments, Motorjunkie experienced a shift in rhythm section members which altered the band’s dynamic and music direction. In 2006, they recorded and released their second offering “The Plan” which contained an even heavier and personally introspective set of songs to include the fan favorites “Dyin’Slow” and “Volitile”. The single “Man Down” received regular air play and is a tribute to our fallen military heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice; a subject that this band has intimate familiarity.

In 2009, a devastating motorcycle accident forever changed the life of singer Chris Cox. Suffering a severe stroke and multiple broken bones, he was hospitalized for several months and was forced to re-learn how to speak, walk, talk, and play music again. A long and painful road to recovery lay ahead.  In addition, more military deployments forced a break until 2012 when the band would re-constitute with its original drummer.

Rising in the face of adversity and turning tragedy into strength, Motorjunkie released “Full Circle” in May of 2014 and has enjoyed success from the single “Draw a Line”; voted runner up for the 2014 Go Live Raleigh competition as best original song. 

In Jull of 2017, they released the first video for single "Dark" from the upconing EP 3 SEASONS; the most focused and polished effort to date which was recorded in Nashville, TN in late 2016.

“We do not have a gimmick” state its band members. “There is no theme, costume, or flowery object to stand in the way or take your eye off our music. There is a purity that exists and a genuine story that pours out from our songs. What you see is what you get”. Many challenges have stood in the way of this legendary band, but like a bad-ass American muscle car, this group only gets better year after year.  

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